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Content Lockers

We provide a wide range of content lockers that you can use to monetize your website / articles / password / pages etc. These tools are great way to maximize your online income and easy to use.

  • File Lockers - Lock your files
  • Url Locker - Lock your links
  • Notes Locker - Lock articles / logins or any text content
  • Gateways - Lock contents on web page using our gateways

Offers Optimization

We have a set of tools for our publishers to optimize campaigns / rates for countries / view offer performance and decide whether to use them or choose other campaigns that fit their criteria, simply login to our member panel and check them out.

Offers Walls

Our Offer Wall enhances users engagement with incentive offers provided by our advertisers geotargeting your visitors by country and device/platform. Our solution is the best way for monetizing all of your users instead of just paying users. Our offer wall is supported for all users devices and platforms so you can target mobile visitors or visitors on game platforms such as ps4.

Detailed Reporting

We provide range of live detailed reporting like overview / timescale / geo reporting / leads. Publishers can also check their content statistics like files / links / gateways etc.

API & Lead Tracking

Publishers can use our offers api on their websites and also track their leads simply by using our postback / lead tracking system .

How It Works?

Get paid money for your downloads and installs using the best pay per download and pay per install network. Upload your file: Visitors are required to complete a simple survey or offer in order to download your file. You get paid money for any user who downloads your file or gains access to your content. Get paid money for each install from your files with our pay per install software technology. Bundle your software with our installer and monetize your visitors. We have a large selection of various surveys and software partners available.

We provide over 2500 different exclusive surveys available for your visitors to complete. We pay around 1 dollar for each offer or install successfully completed. This comes out to an average of $1,000 for 1,000 visitors that download your files or install our software. Make money uploading your files and bundling our installer. While typical offers average around 1 dollar - You can earn anywhere on average between 30 cents up to 20+ dollars for a single download or install. We support 240+ countries so users from almost any country are able to download your files for money. We have offers available for all devices such as mobile and tablet.

We have many different payout options available as well as quick payouts which are typically sent within 24 hours. Get paid to upload your files and for every install. We have automated weekly payments available - You don't need to request cashouts any more and will get your money quicker then ever before.

We are partnered with Payoneer to be able to issue DollarUpload prepaid mastercards for users who want to cashout to their own debit card. We also have global bank transfer available to send funds to more then 200 countries, in over 60 currencies, via local bank transfer, wire transfer, and US ACH using the lowest fees in the industry.

Earn bitcoins uploading files and with every install from your visitors by bundling our software. We are partnered with the bitcoin payment network to be able to send you bitcoins for every install or download you receive.

Get paid amazon gift cards for every survey and install completed.

Join the best ppd and ppi network and get paid for each download and install. If you have files to upload that users want to download, you can make money by locking your files with our ppd network. If you have software or installs and looking to make money, join our pay per install network now.

Earn Extra Points And Redeem for Amazing Rewards

Earn points for every lead and install generated towards you account. You will earn 1 point for every $1 generated in an invoice and additional points for completing actions to help support DollarUpload. Redeem these points for different amazon rewards we have available.

DollarUpload is great, i have been using it for years, and trust i will always get my payment. They have a bunch of different ways to earn money and are always around for support

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