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How to Attract More Visitors to Visit Your Pay Per Download Site

Online marketing, of course, is a main strategy to entice more users to visit your pay per download (PPD) pages and download your uploaded files. You can earn more money if more users will download from your pages. However, it’s not easy to market your PPD links in a saturated market. Online users today are not that easy to convince to click a link, they now have very short attention spans, and you are not the only marketer in the Web.

Getting more users to pay for downloading your uploaded files is a very common monetization method. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to charge fees for every download. This can be a real challenge especially to those who are new in the field. Instead, using a pay per download network will allow you to earn money every time a user downloads your content.

Benefits of Pay Per Download Network

A pay-per-download network doesn’t necessarily mean that your visitors need to pay you for every download, but you can really earn money. Once you register with the right PPD network with great third-party advertisers, your customers will be presented with ads or set of ads before they can download. Because your link directed the customer to the ad, you will be paid. Simple as that. The best PPD networks also help you increase your online exposure so you can increase the number of downloads.

How PPD System Works

The pay per download system is very simple. If you want to earn online profits, you show your user ads before the actual download, or your users need to complete an action, like answering a quiz or a survey. When users have completed specific actions, you will be paid. And when you want to increase your exposure and downloads, you can advertise through the system. Every time that your content is downloaded, you need to pay a commission.

PPD networks come in many forms, so make certain that you do your due diligence first before signing up. Online reputation is a key element. If a network has a bad reputation at all and only seems to make promises but doesn’t deliver, then the best thing to do is to stay away.

Effective Ways to Promote Your PPD Links Online

A good PPD network is a great investment, and can secure you a steady stream of passive income. However, you need to exert extra effort first, especially during the initial stages of your set up. The more effort you put into it, the more revenue you can earn. Here are several effective ways to promote your pay per download links online.

Develop High Quality Content for Download

The key thing to ensure that you will be lucrative in the PPD business is to only offer downloadables that are of high quality. Never upload low-quality files in an attempt to get rick quickly. If you take shortcuts and offer shoddy products, you will not reap the rewards of the network. Users will avoid your content, and the network might even flag you as a provider of low-quality products.

Promote Other to Get Promoted

Paying other marketers to download your content is a great investment, because the more you invest, the higher your profits will be. Promoting your own content will increase your exposure to your target market as well as colleagues who can help you market your products. Hustle to make certain that your products will grab the attention of your target market and you will eventually see more people promoting and downloading your content.

Never Depend Solely on a PPD Network

A Pay Per Download network is an amazing way to monetize your uploaded files. However, this is not a get-rich-quick system. When you use a network properly, it can be a very valuable channel to make money online, so be sure to use it alongside other marketing tools.

Top 3 Sites For File Hosting

In today’s world, sharing information has never been easier. The limitation of needing to have a laptop, discs, or flash drives is largely alleviated with the use of file hosting services. File hosting services grant a certain amount of storage space and allow users to fill the space with whatever they want, and some even allow users to share access to the information. The files do not take up any space on the user’s hard drive, but are instead stored on a remote server. For many businesses and individuals, file hosting has become an invaluable service. The following summaries are regarding some of the most popular sites that offer file hosting.


One of fist big names in file hosting and sharing, Dropbox offers both free and paid accounts. Starting at the basic free account level, users are given 2GB of storage and the ability to easily upload via a desktop folder. Users are able to create multiple folders in their Dropbox, and set multiple permissions for each folder’s access. Dropbox has a referral program, which can net a free account up to 18GB of storage. They offer a Pro account that increases to 1TB of storage per month for $10, and a Business account that is only $15 and offer unlimited access and a host of additional features. There are also hundreds of apps that can be integrated into the professional account to enhance its versatility as a business tool.

Google Drive

Much like Dropbox in terms of flexibility in sharing and uploading from the desktop, Google Drive differs in the amount of space and pricing. The basic free account for Google Drive is 15GB and has no referral program. However, their premium account storage sizes and prices for file hosting are a lot lower than Dropboxes. In exchange for extra services, they offer a far superior amount of storage, with a maximum storage capacity of 30TB. For 1TB storage, the cost is only $10/month.


One of the most popular file hosting services today, the offer up to 50GB (with referrals) free storage space for users. They are also social media friendly, which makes sharing with others through Facebook and Twitter extremely easy. They have also integrated a highly level of mobility, allowing users to make use of them on whatever computing device they are using, including tablets and smartphones. Their premium rates are also some of the best available, with 1TB of storage costing only $2.49/month.

In Summary

File hosting is the best way to share files, be they photos or video, with other people online. With the integrated features of some services, artists can share their latest creation with thousands of fans, all by simply copy-pasting a single link to their Twitter feed. Businesses can store copies of important files online and share them with their offices all around the world, with no need to wait for couriers, or be left at the mercy of a fickle fax machine. There is no end to the possibilities for online file hosting/sharing.

How to Promote Your Pay Per Download Link Online

The World Wide Web is now composed of billions of links. Who finds your pay per download links and how they respond are the essential factors driving your power to earn passive income. If you are not certain where to start when it comes to promoting your pay per download link, here are several easy ways to keep you up and running.

Create a Blog Catering to the Niche of Your Uploaded Files

Developing content on a regular basis will not only build links back to your chosen PPD site, but it will also give you the opportunity to place the urls where people can naturally find them. Take note that the content is your greatest asset when you want to attract people. A blog is necessary to survive in the online world.

Link Internally In the Pay Per Download Website

The PPD website will provide you separate pages where visitors can download your content. Hence, you can maximize this chance. You can add internal links as long as you have the ability to change some content in the pages. Make certain to drive your content in the direction of other pages for your downloadables so you can also build links to them. However, it is not recommended to use the same anchor text in the web page, as this might be filtered out by Google as spam.

Link Pages

Other members of PPD websites are also promoting their links, which is a great opportunity to collaborate and also promote links to your uploaded content. However, this is not an easy task. The following two strategies are methods to help you other members to collaborate with you and significantly increase your chance to make your downloadable links more accessible.

Ask People to Share Your Link

Similar to most endeavors, you can ask your family, friends, colleagues, customers, or anyone around you to share your links. Maybe some of your friends have blogs or websites, so you can ask them if they can promote your pay per download links.

Make It Easy To Promote Your Links

Be sure to make it easier to promote your links, if you want other people to help you. You can choose to create banner ads that people can easily upload to their blogs or websites to promote your urls.

Know Your Competitors

In searching for opportunities to promote your PPD links, understanding your competitors is a must. Your main competitors are marketers who are also offering the same type and nature of content. Hence, members of the PPD website where you have uploaded content can be also considered as your competitors. Try to study the strategies they are doing and take note if these strategies are effective.

Establish Customer Relationships

Building health customer relationship is an important link-building strategy today. Be sure to understand the potential market because it will be easier to promote the links to your downloadables if you know your audience. Be sure to harness relationships with your market and they will naturally come back to download other content you have.

Specific Directories

In comparison with general online directories, specific directories only accept links that are within a particular topic. For instance, if you are promoting PPD links to your uploaded photos, you can find directories that deal with art and photography. There are free directories, and there are also paid.

Earning money through pay per download websites can be easy as long as you know how to promote your links online. Once you have established your promotional strategies, you will soon start to reap the rewards of a steady source of passive genuine income.

Get paid to share links

A couple of easy ways to get paid to share links online

Believe it or not, it is a lot easier to get paid to share links online than most people expect.

In the past, income streams like this – almost effortless income streams, autopilot income streams, and income that just seemed to materialize from the Internet – were almost always tied to some kind of scam, some kind of deception, some kind of online nightmare.

Today, though, more and more businesses and companies are looking to drive traffic in as many organic and unique ways as reasonably possible – and a lot of them are paying people to share links online.

If you would like to take advantage of this almost impossibly easy income opportunity, and opportunities that can definitely put a few hundred dollars in your bank account every month (and maybe even more), you’re going to want to pay close attention to all of the inside information we’ve included below.

Ready to jump right in?

We thought so!

Take advantage of “Share Magnet” accounts

One of the fastest ways to get yourself up and running to get paid to share links online is to sign up for a “Share Magnet” accounts and dive right in.

Individuals will have the opportunity to sign up for a completely free account almost immediately, and then will begin to choose from a variety of different links to share on social media platforms. Individuals that pump out links on Twitter and Facebook will be paid per click that they get on all of the links that they publish, and payouts happen via PayPal, so long as there is at least one dollar in your Share Magnet account.

Become a “Sponsored Tweet-er”

Another easy way to take advantage of opportunities to get paid to share links is to become a sponsored tweeter on the Twitter social media platform. If you have a considerable amount of followers or a dedicated “community” online, you can offer to send targeted advertisements in the form of sponsored tweets to all of the followers that you have already accumulated.

Pay varies from time to time and will depend entirely upon what you’re able to negotiate, but you can land some pretty substantial windfalls just by offering to send out a few sponsored tweets.

Jump on the Ad.Fly network

This network is one of the most difficult to crack into, but also pays some of the most money to individuals that share their links.

Focused on members that are going to seriously push the links that they provide to targeted marketplaces via social media and other organic traffic resources, members can expect to receive anywhere between three dollars and five dollars on every 1000 views they pushed to these links.

Not a bad way to make some easy money. Especially if you know how to drive traffic.

See if the Cha-Cha Affiliate network will let you in

Lastly, you’re going to want to consider signing up for the Cha-Cha Affiliate network – if they’ll have you.

Easily the most exclusive of all the get paid to share link resources outlined in this quick guide, you’re going to need to have your own website to sign up – and even then you’ll have to go through a manual approval process.

If you do land in this network, though, you’re going to be able to make money just for sharing links almost immediately. It’s worth the hassle and headache.

Get paid to upload torrents

Can you really make money uploading torrents?

The online torrent sharing community gets a bit of a bad reputation, mostly because the general public only sees this technology as a tool for pirates to illegally transfer and download copyrighted materials using this advanced network of solutions.

And while there are certainly some individuals out there that use the torrent technology available to share and disseminate that kind of information, the truth of the matter is that there are a lot of people out there that use the platform for completely and 100% legal uses – and many of them get paid to upload torrents.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this almost autopilot income stream by getting paid to upload torrents yourself, you are definitely going to want to pay close attention to the insider information included below.

The truth about getting paid to upload torrents

There are really only three ways to get paid to upload torrents:

The first is to hijack copyrighted material and upload it illegally on torrent networks, cashing in on any and all advertising streams that are already in place

The second is to release “phony” torrent material that is riddled with malware, hoping to infect computers with ads or steal critical information (sometimes payment and identity information) without being detected

And finally, you have individuals that get paid to upload torrents as part of a business venture – usually content producers sharing samples of their work with others so that they are enticed to purchase the rest of the collection

You definitely want to find your way to the last category of people getting paid to upload torrents or you can get yourself into some pretty sticky situations.

How to get paid to upload torrents

Obviously, the easiest way to start to get paid to upload torrents is to create your own digital content and then share some of that content (some of your very best if you want to get a lot of traction) on a torrent platform and then use standard marketing practices to drive traffic to the rest of your content.

This is a fantastic way to take advantage of the power and reach that torrents have, and a great way to drum up quite a bit of new customers that might not have become customers before. Obviously, you always run the risk of pirates sharing your full content without any compensation – but the odds are pretty good that they weren’t going to be customers anyway if they’re into that kind of thing.

Taking the plunge!

Take advantage of any expertise, experience, or specialized knowledge that you already have and leverage it by creating digitally produced content. It’s a lot easier than it might seem on the surface, and before you know it you’ll be able to start taking advantage of torrent technology to drive a flood of targeted traffic to the rest of your premium level content.

This is the most reliable way to get paid to upload torrents without ever running to the other side of the law.

Make money sharing

How to cash in big time by sharing

We are living in one of the world’s most exciting times, smack dab in the middle of the most profitable economy in human history.

Not only that, but everyone (EVERYONE) with access to the Internet can take advantage of tools and technology never before offered to anyone except the ultra rich to create extra sources of income almost out of thin air.

Believe it or not, you can now make money just by sharing things that you already own!

Interested in learning more about this new economy and how you can take advantage of opportunities to make money sharing things that you already possess?

We thought so.

Let’s jump right in!

You can make money sharing…

Your “stuff”

The odds are fantastic that you already have a lot of “stuff” on hand that other people are interested in using, borrowing, or a leveraging – and almost all of them are willing to spend a little bit of money so that they can share it with you rather than spend a lot of money to buy it outright.

Power tools are one of these resources that a lot of people have laying around the house, and there are all kinds of DIYers, homeowners, and even professional contractors that would rather pay you a little bit of money to share your tools then have to spend hundreds (or thousands) buying them themselves.

Your room

You can make money by sharing your room, especially if you put it up a room listing service like Airbnb. The world’s fastest growing accommodation service (even though they own zero real estate themselves), this service allows customers to share their rooms, their apartments, and even their homes (anywhere around the world) for a fee that they establish themselves.

You can cash in big time!

Your car

People are always looking for rides or short-term rentals, and individuals that are willing to share their vehicle with others can cash in pretty quickly just for sharing their automobiles. GetAround is just one service that helps connect people to cars that are available through sharing, and it’s possible for individuals that sign up to make anywhere between a few hundred dollars a month or up to $10,000 plus every year – just by offering vehicles that they already own for others to use.

Individuals also have the opportunity to sign up as an Uber driver and they can operate your very own taxi service, charging all kinds of rates – and making up to $300 plus a night – by sharing their vehicle with other people.

Your money

You’ve probably always heard that it takes money to make money, and nothing could be more true.

Thankfully, you’ll be able to turn any money you have into a lot more just by taking advantage of crowdfunding services, Kickstarter services, and other “alternative loan” operations that pay you significant dividends for any money that you are willing to put up for others to share.

Top File Hosting Solutions for Small Businesses

Cloud-based file hosting services can completely change your business for the better. Often times, they can even be lifesaving. With file hosting solutions you can have a Web-based external hard drive without having to deal with any inconveniences. You can also rest assured that you have a place that regularly backs up your files. Many file-sharing platforms also create wonderful collaborative workspaces.

Without file hosting solutions, many companies today are very limited in what they can do. They often have to waste too much time trying to set up different services and solve their communication and collaboration problems. With file hosting services, you will be enabling your company to focus on what really matters. You will also be able to help your business succeed on a global scale, rather than impeding its growth. Become more efficient and productive today by incorporating a cloud-based file hosting service into your business today.

Read on to find out more about the recommended solutions for small businesses. These solutions are the less known ones compared to Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. However, they still continue to offer great features, with many of them being free of charge.


JustCloud is simple, fast, and secure. It automatically backs up your files. Not only does this ensure that you will never lose your files, but it also makes sure that you can access everything no matter where you are. It also offers unlimited storage as well as the ability to sync multiple devices without any problems at all.


Hightail is a great solution that allows professionals to share and control their files at all times. Upload files of up to 10GB in size and control who can access it. Share entire project folders with both clients as well as colleagues. Give granular permissions to decide who should be allowed to edit and update them. High also provides unlimited storage space as well as several mobile and desktop apps.


Create a virtual file system on your computers and mobile devices to work with your files online. Rather than having to save multiple copies of the same document across your devices you can store all of your files in a single place and still access them from everywhere. This is different from services that encourage the mirroring of existing files across your devices. Use this if you want access to online storage and backup services as well as file syncing and collaboration tools.


Mozy is great for individuals, businesses, and IT services. Keep every file updated throughout your entire day with automatic cloud backup, mobile access, great security data restore, service backups, and data management.


Use this for small businesses and home offices. You will receive services that provide data protection, recovery, and accessibility. Receive features such as automatic backup, easy restoration, and wonderful security.

You can pay for different plans for individuals, businesses, and businesses with server needs.


Even though it is free, Mankayia continues to offer unlimited online storage. You will have features such as file-sharing, media streaming, mobile access, and drag and drop interfaces. This is also only Web-based and requires no software. If you want, you can also get a Pro Plan for $15 a month to remove file size and file sharing limitations. The Pro Plan also provides a Java-based uploader that allows you to upload several hundreds and thousands of files at a certain time.

Choose the right file hosting solution for your business today. Start on the right path towards success without having to worry about inconvenient transfers any longer.

Learn about Sharing Files on the Internet Today

There are websites out there which are intended for the sending of online files. They are the easiest avenue when it comes to sharing files on the internet today. The only thing necessary in here is for the email address to be entered, the same is also true with the email address of the recipient. Usually, this would only take a matter of attaching the file and then clicking send. This is the juncture when the recipient receives an email from the sender. This is not a generic no reply so there is no need to worry. This is how the file is easily reachable.

The Advantages

There are many perks of sharing files on the internet today. Of course, the main benefactors in this are the students who have a paper due. For instance, students who are in the midst of a panic, or who are quite worried because they cannot send their certain project on time to a particular processor through a deadline would be helped for sure! With the use of the said websites, students would be able to send large files without any complications at all. This would happen on a set schedule. This is true with the big deadlines which are seen around the corner all the time. Bumps in the road would be lessening in this juncture. Do not be closed minded to the fact that emails have the tendency to let a person down. This is for sure in a very crunch time. This should not take place at this juncture.

In searching for a service which offers online file sending, there are simple solutions available around all the time. These are intended for large file sending options which are meant to be easy, quick and secured. The thing, that needs to take place though, is to upload a particular file. This needs to take place from a secured service of course. Afterwards, an email can be sent using a certain link. This is intended towards a client or a customer. The email does not have to come with a massive amount of attachments all the time. This is the truth. There is also no need to feel worried about any of these. Large files can always be sent without having the need to be stressed or anything. If ever the documents have been received, arguments against an IT department can be avoided of course. This is the advantage of having a secured email.

Indeed, security is a worrisome trouble. Hiring a third party host most especially for a business would be hard to imagine at first. There are company secrets out there which may be set to open if these are not considered. For individuals out there who are concerned, they are not to feel bad because they should not make use of Cloud as a reference to this all the time. There is FTP for most businesses out there. This is termed as a file transfer protocol. These are to be looked at all the time.

Make money uploading pictures

Can anyone make money uploading pictures online?

Though you weren’t going to find too terribly many professional photographers out there that would call this kind of business a “get rich quick” kind of strategy, it’s possible to make money uploading pictures online – if you’re able to play the game the right way.

Believe it or not, there are some people out there cashing in big time just for uploading photographs that they’ve taken themselves (with photographs that they have acquired the rights to). We are talking about anywhere between a few hundred dollars every month and a few thousand – or even more.

If you are serious about figuring out how to make money uploading pictures online, check out the info we have for you in this quick guide!

Considers selling stock photography

The easiest way for you to make money just uploading pictures online is to start spreading all of your photographs out across all of the different stock photography websites and services out there.

There have to be at least 10 or 15 top-of-the-line stock photography marketplaces out there that will immediately accept you as a member – and all you have to do is start publishing and promoting your work on these platforms (after uploading, of course) and you’ll start to make money.

These marketplaces to all of the heavy lifting for you as far as distribution and advertising for your uploaded pictures are concerned, so all you have to do is make sure to take incredible photographs that people are interested in purchasing or licensing.

Become known for a “style”

One of the fastest ways to establish that kind of stock photography library is to become known for a specific “style” of photographs rather than just shooting everything and anything and hoping that something sticks to the wall.

Definitely try to find out what kinds of images are selling the most on these platforms and then devise a way to take those kinds of pictures within interesting little twist. By doing this you’ll be able to make money uploading pictures a lot easier, as you’ll know – right out of the box – that there is a hungry marketplace for those kinds of pictures in the first place.

It might take a little bit of time to build this kind of reputation, but after 30 days or so of consecutive and consistent uploads of the same “style” to all of the stock photography websites and services mentioned above, you’ll be able to start rolling in the cash.

Leverage social media marketing efforts to increase your visibility

Finally, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of social media marketing (especially on Instagram) to build up a dedicated following and to try and connect with individuals or organizations that might be interested in purchasing or licensing your pictures.

You can make money uploading pictures to Instagram if you use it as an “online portfolio” of your work, and be sure to include directions – and links – to all of the stock photography that you make available.

Consider this just another part of your marketing efforts.

Earn money sharing videos

Has anyone found a way to earn money sharing videos online?

There are video bloggers out there (including one that does nothing more than show videos of himself playing video games, providing his own color commentary on top of the video) that are making millions and millions of dollars – yes, MILLIONS – every single month.

Think about that for a second.

Would you like to figure out how to earn money sharing videos?

We thought so.

Let’s get right to it!

Make sure you upload your videos on YouTube FIRST

You aren’t going to be able to earn money sharing videos unless you get the hang of leveraging YouTube for everything that it has to offer.

Far and away the world’s most popular online video site and video hosting service, billions of people spending billions of hours on YouTube every single month – and you’ll be able to leverage that built-in traffic to create a presence on YouTube that can turn into an almost ridiculous amount of money.

All of the videos that you are interested in sharing (and monetizing) should go up on YouTube first. Google will take care of the advertising and marketing pretty much on its own if your video titles are even in the slightest bit optimized.

Take advantage of “niche” video sites next

Niche sites (like College Humor and, for example) will pay people as much as $2000 – and sometimes even more than that – just for producing video content and then uploading it to their website.

In fact, anyone that uploads a video that makes it to the home page of this website will immediately earn $2000, payable directly through PayPal the moment that the video hits the front page.

This has to be one of the easiest ways to earn money sharing videos, especially if you can crank out quality content that goes “viral” – something a lot easier than most people expect it to be.

Think about running your own live stream when sharing videos

If you really want to find a way to earn money sharing videos online, you should think about creating your very own online video channel or television station and live streaming content.

Pick a niche, focus in on something that you enjoy or something that you enjoy talking about, and then startup your very own video service using free tools available from all of the major online platforms – including YouTube.

It really doesn’t get any more effortless than this!

Sure, you’re going to have to drive traffic to earn money on these videos – but that’s a lot easier when you use Google and the built-in traffic that YouTube offers. It’s all about leverage.

Build a community to earn money sharing videos

It’s important to remember that like any other popular video channel out there, you’re going to need to create a distinct culture and a “flavor” all your own – a brand that your own community can recognize.

This is going to differentiate you from everyone else trying to earn money sharing videos online, and give you the opportunity to turn it into a real long-term income stream.

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