Nov 22

OfferWall now Released

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Own a mobile game, facebook app, points, tokens, or rewards website? Check out our offerwall

Oct 30

OfferWall in beta

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Use our OfferWall to monetize every visitor with your content

Our Offer Wall enhances users engangement with incentive offers provided by our advertisers geotargeting your visitors by country and device/platform. Our offer wall is a quick non-intrusive part of your users experience. Our solution is the best way for montezing all of your users instead of just paying users. Our offer wall is supported for all users devices and platforms so you can target mobile visitors or visitors on game platforms such as ps4.

How it works: Users are given the option to complete one or more of the offers supported by our advertisers in exchange for virtual currency. Our advertisers require your users to complete a survey, download an app, signup for a website, or something similar in order to access your content. Our offer wall can bring you more revenue exchanging virtual currency compared to traditional ads.

We are always finding the best advertisers to ensure you earn the most money for your mobile game, app, points or rewards website. You can earn on average 1 dollar for each user who completes an offer through your offer wall. Our rates can vary anywhere from .20 cents to 20+ dollars depending on what county your users are coming from and what device they are using. We are supported to monetize all devices and over 240+ countries. Our offerwall is supported for all mobile platforms as well as standard platforms such as android,iphone,ipad,mac,linux, ps4, and windows.



Our adwall will be integrated within a few weeks so please stay tuned!

Sep 14

Join DollarUpload

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Are you looking for the best ppd network available? Join us at DollarUpload and see why we are rated the best time and time again. We have paid out millions of dollars and have thousands of advertisers available. We accept users from all countries and have advertisers that are specifically targeted for each country. Whether you have users for android,ipad,iphone,windows,mac or any other device, we have advertisers targeted specifically for that device to ensure you make the most money with your files and links.

We have hundreds of different options available for you using our sophisticated network to make sure you earn every dollar for every file you share. We are always updating and upgrading our network making sure you get paid every dollar, every time, on time.

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May 29

New Updates

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You now have the option to enable reports about your earnings. These reports will be emailed to you daily. You can enable this in your account settings.

We have updated our gateway tool coding to block users who attempting to bypass the gateway using adblock.

We have optimized our offers to target more devices so your downloaders get the best targeted advertisers available.

We have released a NoteLock tool. You can now lock notes like a list of websites or usernames and passwords. This tool works the same as the file and link upload tool with the ability to mirror your notes.

We have released a viral download tool to help you get more downloads. Downloaders that do not have any offers for their country now have the ability to share your download link on facebook or twitter. Once your link has been shared, they are able to download your file. There is a 24 hour limit per download on files using the viral feature. You can disable this feature in your account settings if you do not want international users with no offers to download your files however it is not recommended. Viral unlocks can help your files get better search results in google and other search engines as well as the ability for users friends to download your files.

We have also released a reversal breakdown page. This can help you optimize your offers if you are receiving reversals from advertisers.

Please stay tuned as we always have more updates coming.

Apr 13

Global Bank Transfer now available

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We are now offering Payoneer’s Global Bank Transfer Service. This allows you to receive funds from more than 200 countries, in over 60 currencies, via local bank transfer, wire transfer, and US ACH using some of the lowest fees in the industry. You can view the list of available countries here. Please signup under your cashout page if you are interested.

You can also now receive daily email reports about your earnings activity. You can enable this feature in your account settings.

We are in the process of adding more updates soon so please stay tuned.

Jan 13

Free Payoneer Account and Bank Transfers Until February 15th!

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We are excited to start the new year off by announcing our newest promotion offering FREE sign up for a Payoneer account and FREE Payoneer bank transfers until February 15th, 2014!  Please go to your cashout page and click the signup link for either debit or local bank transfer.

Sign up for your Payoneer card by February 15th and we’ll waive your one-time activation fee! All transfers made using Payoneer’s Global Bank Transfer Service will also be FREE until February 15th!

We have also integrated the option for users to cashout using local bank transfer. This service allows you to recieve funds everywhere in the world directly to your local bank accounts in your own local currency.

This service includes local bank transfers and wire transfers available in over 200 countries and 50 currencies.

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Dec 31

Happy New Year from DollarUpload!

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Happy New Year from DollarUpload! May this year be your most prosperous year ever. We are working hard to ensure everyone earns the most money using DollarUpload. We will be releasing some new updates soon so please stay tuned.

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Nov 21

New Features

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We have implemented some features to help you earn more. There is now a download checker for users to be able check if a lead has been completed so they can download your files easier. We have integrated a few more statistics pages which will help you see the leads generated from your files. We have also added the ability to disable premium earnings. This will change your download pages so users can only complete an offer to download your file instead of being able to purchase a membership as well.


We are in the process of adding more updates so please stay tuned. We are constantly upgrading our system to ensure you are making the most money with your files.

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Oct 16

More updates

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We are continuously adding more updates to make sure everyone is earning the most money per download in the industry. We add always adding more features to help improve your earnings as well as features that are available as an option for advanced users.


We have introduced a minimum payout tool which gives you the ability to set a minimum rate per country for each download you get. We have also added a notepad function to help anyone who wants to keep track of information. You can find both of these features in your dashboard.


We are in the process of adding a lot more features soon which help increase users earnings even more! If you have not tried using us as your number one pay per download network, we invite you to test DollarUpload out. We will outperform any network paying for your content. We always pay on time and have multiple cashout methods available.

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Jul 23

New Features added

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We have added a few new updates for everyone to earn more money. We have added two new mirror designs which show the popularity rating as well as social buttons for facebook and twitter.

We also have added an automatic mirror feature which will take your file and automatically choose a random domain/theme and give you the new url. This can help users who are looking to mirror files or links quickly.

We also have added the ability to automatically shorten any mirror domain link using You will see this option when you mirror your link. We will continue to work on more features to add to ensure you are getting the most money for your files and links.