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DollarUpload is the most sophisticated pay per install network around. Our pay per install platform allows you to earn money for each successful install from your users. You can monetize your software installs in over 200 different countries using hundreds of various advertisers. Our cost per install rates are the highest in the industry.

Developers have the ability to brand your installer with your products name,prefix, optional command line as well as a thank you page url. You can bind your installer with any products you wish to continuously earn money from your pay per install campaigns. Offer your end users additional software from our inventory of advertisers and maximize your revenue for each install.

We have hundreds of various trusted advertisers available and are constantly gaining new relationships with many of the worlds biggest software advertisers. We provide the highest payouts per install in the industry as well as the most sophisticated tracking technology available to ensure every install is counted. We keep real-time reporting to ensure you can track the numbers of installs at any time.

Our pay-per-install platform matches the most relevant software to users based on your target audience and product. Our sophisticated cost-per-install technology ensure your installs get the highest rates with the best conversions possible while keeping your users happy.

We are constantly updating and monitoring our pay per install network to give you the best features available and highest rates available for your installs. DollarUpload is continuously monitoring our pay per install network to ensure the end-user is happy and eager to download your software.

Join us now and start earning the most money for your installs.

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