Pay Per Install

Pay-per-install is a type of affiliate marketing where affiliates are paid for each installation of a particular software application they promote. The most common type of pay-per-install affiliate programs are for antivirus and security software, but pay-per-install programs can be found for a wide variety of software applications. How to promote pay-per-install affiliate links? Pay-per-install […]


An offerwall is an online advertising platform that allows publishers to display offers and advertisements to their users in exchange for some form of compensation, typically in the form of virtual currency or points. Offerwalls can be used to generate revenue from advertisements or to incentivize users to perform certain actions, such as signing up […]

Pay per Download

Pay-per-download is a type of online marketing where an advertiser pays a fee each time a digital file is downloaded. This fee can be either a flat rate or a variable amount based on factors such as the file size or length of the download. Pay-per-download is a popular pricing model for software and other […]

Make Money Uploading Files

There are a number of ways to make money online, and one popular method is file sharing. By uploading files to a file-sharing site, you can earn money each time someone downloads your file. But how does this work? Each time you upload a file to a file-sharing site, you will be given a unique […]