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Account Questions

I have a problem. How can I contact DollarUpload Support or Head Administrator?

Contact us by sending a support ticket though your dashboard or email

What can get me banned?

Our Terms of Service extensively discusses what's allowed and what's not. Briefly, you are not allowed to upload pornography or copyrighted files, download your own files, pay people to download your files, use fake information in your profile, and create duplicate accounts.

May I have two accounts on DollarUpload?

We do not allow multiple accounts for one user. If we find such accounts we delete them and revoke the earnings.

Should I notify DollarUpload if I change my email address or mailing address?

If you fail to update your DollarUpload Profile with your current email address, your account may be suspended until you prove that you are the original owner. Also, if you fail to provide true and accurate information on your DollarUpload Profile, including full name and address, your account will be suspended until you comply.

My account got hacked. What should I do?

You must keep secure your account information. According to our ToS you are responsible for any losses incurred if your account is hacked. To regain your account you must email and prove that you are the legitimate owner.

Do I need to fill out tax forms?

When your total earnings reach $600, you are required by US law to fill out a W9 form if you're a US resident, or W8 form if you're not. The link to electronically fill out the form will be available on your Payments page when your earnings reach the $600 threshhold.

Why are some of my files missing?

If we receive DMCA complaints regarding a file, we delete the file immediately. Also, its possible however unlikely that we delete inactive files that haven't had downloads in more than 175 days.

How does your viral downloader work?

Downloaders that do not have any offers for their country now have the ability to share your download link on facebook or twitter. Once your link has been shared, they are able to download your file. There is a 24 hour limit per download on files using the viral feature. You can disable this feature in your account settings if you do not want international users with no offers to download your files however it is not recommended. Viral unlocks can help your files get better search results in google and other search engines as well as the ability for users friends to download your files.

Survey Questions

I tried a survey but the download didn't start. Why?

If a download has not been credited to your account is because advertisers have very good fraud prevention methods or there is an issue with the advertiser. If fake information is entered, used a proxy, completed the survey before, not have cookies or sometimes java script enabled etc, the lead will not convert. Also, in some rare instances advertisers will not pay for a lead if they feel they were cheated. If the file is successfully downloaded, you will be credited. However, if the file is not successfully downloaded because the survey did not unlock, we are not paid and therefore neither are you. We wish the surveys would unlock and credit all the time, as we are losing out on revenue every time the survey completion does not unlock the download.

Which survey pays the most?

Surveys that pay higher rates are slightly harder to finish, so if you do not have many downloads, chances are that you have not had enough traffic to get many users to complete the higher-paying surveys.

Most importantly, though, the payout rates don't mean anything. If a survey pays you $1 but only 10% of visitors can do it, and a different surveys pays you $.50 but 30% of visitors can do it, you would make more from the $.50 downloads instead of the $1 downloads.

In the end the only thing that matters is how much $$$ you make, not the average payout per download.

Why have my earnings decreased?

If your earnings have been decreased it is not necessarily DollarUpload's fault. Many factors could affect your earnings: drop in traffic, traffic quality, your promotional methods, niche saturation, competition, deleted files, advertisers' fraud prevention etc.

If you are not directing quality traffic to the offers, it may be difficult to produce many leads. Check your promotional methods and ensure that your traffic sources are doing well and are consistent at all times. Try to get the most amount of traffic possible, as the more traffic you have the more money you will make.

Also, good performing and high paying offers are added or withdrawn by our advertisers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and this may cause temporary earnings fluctuations. When good performing - high paying offers meet their advertising goals or budgets are withdrawn and this causes earnings volatility. When new offers are added up, our proprietary system promotes the best converting ones, which results in higher earnings again

Online marketing is a volatile business and the revenue is not steady. There always will be spikes or drops in earnings, slow and busy days or weeks, like any other business.

Can you let me choose my own surveys?

We have sophisticated algorithms in place to automatically select the best performing offers for you. You can however choose to select which offers you want displayed by using our offer optimization tool as well as our minimum payout tool.

Payment Questions

What is the minimum cashout amount?

You must earn minimum $10 before you can request a payout. However, the minimum payment varies for different payment methods, so be sure to consult the Payment Options page.

When do I request a payout and when do I get paid?

You need to request a normal cashout by the 3rd of the month in order to receive it on the 15th. Weekly cashouts are calculated each week and sent the following week typically. Priority users who have quality traffic sources will automatically be updated to priority cashouts. These users can get payments sent within 48 hours at anytime with no fees.

Can I request a payout on someone else's name?

Please request a payout on your name. We will not send your payout to a third party user outside your household. You can request a payout with PayPal, Payza or any other payment method on your name only or a family member from the same household with the same last name (surname).

How can I request a payout?

You are able to request a cashout anytime by selecting cashout in your dashboard. You can enable weekly cashouts in your account settings page.

I can not delete or edit my payout. Why?

You are able to cancel pending cashouts in your cashout page. Please contact us if you need assistance.

What is the minimum cashout amount by wire transfer and what are the fees?

\ Wire transfers under $1,000 are subject to a $15 processing fee.

I have not received my payment. What should I do?

Please open a support ticket for assistance. Please check your inbox for payment notifications from your provider.

  • Payoneer users for payment related issues, may contact support: with the email address associated with your Payoneer account.
  • PayPal users must ensure that your PayPal account has been activated in order to be able to claim your payment.
  • For wire transfer users, we will contact our payment processor and ask to provide us with wire transfer confirmation number. You will then contact your bank with the confirmation number to locate your wire transfer.

Terms of Service Questions

Is uploading pornography allowed?

Absolutely not. We will ban any account that uploads pornography, or any adult-themed files, and revoke their earnings. No file even remotely related to pornography is allowed.

Can I upload pornography passwords in a txt file?

No, this will still get your account banned and earnings revoked.

Can I promote files on a pornography website?

No, if we find that you are promoting files using an adult-themed website, even if your files are not adult-themed, you will still be banned.

Can I be unbanned if I'm banned?

No, bans are final, and we do not entertain appeals.

Can I upload copyrighted files like movies?

Absolutely not. If we find you uploading materials that you do not have the rights to, we will delete the files and ban your account immediately.

Can I download my own files?

No, downloading your own files, even using a proxy, will get your account banned.

Can I pay other people to download my files?

No, paying people, or "microworkers," to download your files will result in a ban.

Can I encourage my downloaders to use fake information for the surveys?

No, doing so will result in an immediate ban, as it hurts our advertisers.

Can I spam my download links on sites that violate their terms?

Absolutely not, doing so will result in an immediate ban.

Do I need to use real information in my Profile?

Yes. If we are suspicious that your information is not valid, we may lock your account until you provide proper forms of identification.

Payoneer Questions

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a premier online payment service that offers you two innovative payment options:

  • Receive your DollarUpload earnings directly to your very own DollarUpload Debit MasterCard� This prepaid card is a debit MasterCard and it can be used at any location worldwide accepting debit Mastercard.
  • Receive super-low-fee Local International Bank Transfers. This worldwide Local Bank Transfer service, allows you to receive payments via wire transfer in your local currency.

What's my benefits with Payoneer?

Payoneer is a leading, experienced and reliable payouts solution provider, specializing in affiliates' payments. Payoneer offers multiple payment options, an advanced innovative platform, full multilingual support and more. To read more

Can I receive my Payoneer Debit Card faster?

Yes, you have the option to have your Payoneer Debit card shipped via DHL or FedX for fast delivery for the cost of $50, but if you are not in a big rush, it is probably best to have the free shipping offer.

Reply to the approval email and request DHL or FedX delivery.The cost will not be deducted from your first DollarUpload payment. Payoneer will give you special permission to load your Payoneer card with a credit card, to be able to cover the expedited delivery costs.

How Payoneer works?

Login to the Payoneer page and sign up for the Payoneer Debit Card or Local Bank Transfer service. Please make sure you are selecting the method that is right for you. You cannot register for both services.

After Payoneer reviews your application and approves it (usually it takes 2 days), then will send you an email notification and immediately ship your card. Card shipping time varies depending on the country. Please allow up to 28 business days for the card to arrive.

How can I contact Payoneer support?

You can reach Payoneer support here. Always contact Payoneer support from the email address that you have registered with.

How long it takes for Payoneer support to reply?

It usually takes two business days for Payoneer support to answer your email.

Does Payoneer support India?

Indian residents can receive their payouts through Payoneer Local Bank Transfer (LBT). Payoneer offers local INR transfers with low fees. Prepaid cards are not issued to India due to RBI regulations. This regulation applies to all Master Card and Visa issuers outside India, including Payoneer.

How do I receive my payment?

When DollarUpload sends your payment you will receive a confirmation email from Payoneer, requiring you to accept the payment to be loaded to the card. Then your payment goes directly into your Payoneer account and is automatically loaded to your debit card [within two days $2 fee, within two hours $5 fee]. You can then use your DollarUpload Debit Card at any place where MasterCard is accepted, at the ATM, offline and online purchases!

If Local International Bank Transfers is the payment option you signed up for, you can receive Bank Transfers in your local currency for VERY cheap rates. Choose the "Bank Transfer" option when signing up to use this great option. For more detailed information please click here

Can I receive my DollarUpload payment via Payoneer early?

Yes. As Payoneer's system is extremely easy for us to use, we have decided that all Payoneer Local International Bank Transfers and Prepaid Cards payouts will be sent out early. Simply request your payout on the 1st or the 2nd day of each month and get your payment sent out instantly on the 3rd!

Can I change my method of payment?

You can only select one payment method and you have to use it each time. If you decide to change your type of account from card to bank transfer, you must contact Payoneer support: and open a ticket requesting the change. Always contact Payoneer support from the email address that you have registered with.

Please choose your method of payment carefully, as it is complicated to switch between methods and may it may take up to seven days to change your account.

What is the difference between Payoneer and PayPal?

With Payoneer you can use your money anywhere, withdraw it from ATM, use it to buy traffic online or buy anything else online or offline. You have complete freedom to use your funds anyway you wish, as opposed to only places where PayPal is accepted.

How do I find out about Payoneer card fees?

When you log into your DollarUpload account and select Payoneer as your payment method, you can see the list of fees before you actually sign up. Other than the initial activation fee, the rest of the fees are only when you use the card.

There is an ATM fee when you withdraw funds using your card. You can log into "My Account" on Payoneer's site to see the fees. Also, there is a currency exchange fee as well, up to 3% maximum.

You will not be charged fees for any month that you do not have any funds on your Payoneer card.

Monthly maintenance fee is $3, but if you use your card more than four times a month, then the fee will be only $1.

Can I link my Payoneer debit card to Paypal?

Yes, PayPal does allow you to link a debit card to your account. Just make sure that your card is active and preloaded with funds, as they will issue a test charge to validate the card.

Can I open two separate Payoneer accounts?

No.You will not be able to open two separate accounts. You will need to link them both to the same Payoneer card. Here is a short guide.

What is the daily withdrawal limit?

Regardless of country, Payoneer's withdrawal limit per day is $2500 from ATM and $2500 per day usage of the card (online and offline as a regular Mastercard). You will be able to make 9 transactions per 24 hours (not unlimited transactions).

What is the maximum daily limit to load on my card?

For all Payoneer users, not only DollarUpload members, the daily limit for private loads is $1000.

What should I know about Local Internationak Bank Transfers?

  1. To avoid rejection and for a fast without delays approval, we strongly suggest that you contact your local bank manager before you apply for a Payonner LBT. You must absolutely provide the correct information for the following items:
    • Your full name as it appears on your bank account
    • Complete bank name
    • Bank Code (up to 9 digits, specific to your bank)
    • Swift Code (11 digits). If you have only 8 digits, please add XXX to the end. Contact your bank for the correct Swift Code.
    • IBAN or Account Number. This is a common error. Please contact your bank for the correct IBAN format.
  2. It can take up to 7 business days (regardless of country), but most Local Bank Transfers arrive within 2-3 business days.
  3. The transfer fee depends on your country, it is either 5.99 or 9.99. Also, since you will be receiving your funds in your local currency and not in US Dollars, a maximum up to 3% (typically is 2.75%) local currency conversion fee applies.
  4. If you receive the funds in US Dollars (SWIFT transfers are done in USD) there is across border fee of maximum 1%, up to $10, regardless of the the amount transferred. So if your transfer is over $1000 the fee will only be $10, otherwise it would be less ( 1% of the amount transferred)
    Example: If you transfer $5000 the fee will be: $9.95 + $10 = $19.95
    If you transfer $500 the fee will be: $9.95 + $5 = $14.95
  5. When you sign up for Local Bank Transfers please select the currency you would like to get the funds.
  6. In case there is a problem with a Local Bank Transfer that has already been sent out to your bank, Payoneer will wait to clear the problem before sending you another one.
  7. There is no limit to the number or to the amount of Local Bank Transfer that you can receive.
  8. Your Local Bank transfer account does not become inactive at any point.



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