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What type of files should I promote?

There are millions of uploaded files on the internet, but you want to find the one that will be the most popular and get the most downloads. These normally are videos of some popular event, like a soccer sports tournament, pdfs or free ebooks, game demos, game cheats, music files... The list goes on and on. Just make sure the file isnt copyrighted or sexually explicit.

Some ideas to make money uploading files and links:

- conversion sites, such as doc to PDF conversion site
- indie bands/artists musicians looking to lock their content
- ebooks
- instructional videos (e.g. guitar lessons)
- mobile application downloads and/or in-app monetization
- royalty free sound packs
- access to premium membership content
- software downloads
- software features, unlocking features for completion of a brief survey
Any movies, music, graphics, ebooks, etc. can also be used as long as you own the rights to the copyrighted file or is the creator.

Game Cheat Codes & Guides!
Coupon & Promo Codes (, etc)!
Beta Codes for Software/Games, etc!
Free Services like Doc to PDF, Video to MP3, etc.
Food Recipes & Cooking Guides!
Tutorials, Guides, eBooks for any Legal Topic!
Themes, Images, and Resources for Webmasters!
Premium features of your site, app, or game!
Access to tools like a chat system, marketplace, etc.
Passwords to locked areas!
Infographics, Videos, and other desirable content!

Where to promote your files and links?

1. Seed files with torrents and submit them to torrent websites.
Hundreds of thousands of people use torrents daily, creating endless oppurtunities for you! For example, you can create a zip file with a passworded zip inside. Leave a readme.txt saying to retrieve the password you have to download it at your download link here on DollarUpload. You will be surprised at how many people will download your text file.

2. Post to forums and message boards
There are millions of users on the internet all looking at message boards and forums. Many forums have sections for downloads, and some are even dedicated to solely providing files to others. Upload a file that you know will be popular and post it to some active file sharing boards, and let the downloads begin.

3. Use Youtube
Uploading to Youtube can bring you high traffic results to your files resulting in earning you thousands of dollars. By simply creating a video about a program, song, band, etc, and giving the user a download link in the video description. You will score you thousands of downloads and dollars with this proven method.

4. Use Peer to Peer Sharing
Many people use peer-to-peer file sharing networks, like limewire or emule, to share files. You can use this as a spinoff of the bittorent technique, but instead of seeding your file just share it on these networks and let the downloads start rolling in!

The same idea of uploading files to rapidshare or any other public upload service can be used with DollarUpload. The more traffic you bring to your files, the more people have the possibility to download your files. The more people download your files, the more money you make!

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